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for early birds, and bedtime stories lovers

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Out of your bedroom

Your kitchen, your living room, your home office, your cave. The Geneva Time / Digital is the best companion for you when music is the favourite background music of your playground.

Its convenient USB charging port and Line-In connection extend its connectivity.
Geneva Time / Digital has an internal battery that preserves the time, alarm and Bluetooth paired devices for up to 4 days when unplugged.

Discreet yet memorable

Geneva Time / Digital's form factor is simple yet striking. A 45 degree front bevel frames the metal grill.
The top charging plate is made of soft genuine leather and is raised by 1 mm, just enough to protect your smartphone from unwanted scratches.

The colour combinations of marble, metal, wood and leather are chosen to create a harmonious palette.

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Your phone deserves a break too

Place your smartphone on the premium leather top of Geneva Time / Digital and play your favourite podcast or playlist. Geneva Time / Digital will switch off after 15 minutes of music, but will continue to charge your smartphone until tomorrow. The charging plate can charge any QI compliant device up to 10 watts.
An additional USB on the back can charge another device at the same time.

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Premium materials

At Geneva, we have always focused on the quality of materials and craftsmanship.
2 variations of composite marble and real wood veneer will effortlessly match your home style. The tone-on-tone combination of metal and leather provides a solid yet discreet presence in any room.

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Anti-theft and hassle-free.

An additional USB-A socket allows you to connect smartphones that do not allow wireless charging, or your powerbank
Next to the USB socket, a Line-In port allows you to connect any analogue source, deactivating automatically the Bluetooth function for those who do not like a radio connection in their bedroom.
The Kensighton® lock connector on the back panel secures Geneva Time / Digital.

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Your nest and the GENEVA sound

Equipped with a 2" broadband driver and passive radiator, Geneva Time / Digital is designed to deliver a smooth, warm sound and crisp voice reproduction.
This is particularly useful when listening to podcasts and audiobooks, where speech intelligibility and vocal clarity are essential.


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