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Analogue meets Digital

When analogue meets digital

We bring our latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to the traditional, analogue, hand-held alarm clock: Geneva Time.

Geneva Time is the first Geneva product to boast a broadband Hi-Fi speaker producing a warm, accurate sound combined with an analogue alarm clock and featuring wireless and USB fast charging.


The quartz clock and alarm can be set very easily via two conveniently located knobs at the back of the device (fully-analogue, traditional-style controls). The alarm signal is digital and the sound is produced through a dedicated speaker which is deactivated by a push button on the front. A clear red LED is illuminated when the alarm is on. Fluorescent clock hands clearly indicate the time whenever it is dark.

Your Bedside Companion

Geneva Time is the ideal solution for the bedroom or hotel room, thanks to the unique Bluetooth code and instant pairing feature without the need for complicated procedures.

Thanks to a dedicated battery, Geneva Time's clock and alarm clock remain functional even when the cable is unplugged.  

A single AA battery will last for more than one year.

A key feature of Geneva Time is that it is designed to switch off automatically after five minutes of silence: this is ideal for falling asleep while listening to the latest audiobook or the latest record of your favourite band.

What's more, the analogue volume knob on the front  is totally independent of the smartphone volume.

The colours and finishes you love

White, black, Geneva red and Cognac are the colours available in stain- and scratch-resistant eco-leather: easy to clean and durable. The aluminium front frame and the anodised aluminium clock background complete the picture.

Put your smartphone to sleep

By placing your smartphone on Geneva Time charging zone, the 20 Watt wireless fast-charging kicks-in automatically.

You can charge your smartphone and listen to music at the same time without fear of draining the battery.

On the back, an additional USB-A socket allows you to connect smartphones that do not allow wireless charging.

Next to the USB socket, a Line-In port allows you to connect any analogue source, deactivating automatically the Bluetooth function for those who do not like a radio connection in their bedroom.



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