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The original All-in-One Hi-Fi stereo

A thoroughbred audio system for Hi-Fi lovers.

This is the best sound quality and minimalist design that Geneva has to offer, and it’s ready to make an extra-big impression.

The Model XL is a must-have for any audiophile’s home. In celebration of its ten-year anniversary, we’ve re-engineered the inside to give you a listening experience unlike any other: play your favorite music with Bluetooth®, DAB+, FM, CD or jack, and crank it out with an unbelievable 340 real watts of power.


From quiet nights in to bustling garden parties, the Model XL is waiting to impress you – and your guests.

Performance inside, perfection outside.

Engineered with all the precision of a Swiss watch, the Model XL is 35 kg of perfectly tuned sound.

High-grade materials meet with artisanal craftsmanship to create an attention-grabbing piece of audio art: real walnut wood, piano lacquer, and fine metal finishes show an intense attention to detail.


On top are laser-engraved touch buttons that give you a direct connection to your music. The minimalist, contemporary aesthetic looks good anywhere – from the bedroom, to the bathroom and beyond.

Top-tier sound, no exceptions.

Classical, rock, dance, and everything in between: the Model XL plays it all in ultra-detailed stereo sound quality.

With eight woofers, four tweeters, and proprietary algorithms working under the hood, you get the best listening experience imaginable for your home – rich bass, pronounced mids, and shimmering highs that stay balanced even at blistering volume. And volume is one thing the Model XL does very well, courtesy of six high-power class D amplifiers that deliver 340 real watts of power. But don’t just take our word for how good it sounds.

Don’t delay:
just press play.

We’ve designed the Model XL to be very simple to use, so you can start listening right away.


Quickly tune into DAB+ and FM radio with six presets, connect and stream with Bluetooth®, skip through a CD, or set an alarm for the morning. It’s all done with convenient one-touch buttons at the top, but if you’re too comfy on the couch, you can use the remote control instead.


When the old-school mood strikes, hook up your vinyl player with the jack input. We’ve thought of every scenario.

Contemporary colors

The Model XL comes in a select number of colors. Choose from a rich, mirror-like piano lacquer finish in white, red or black. Or, go for the real walnut wood finish.



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