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The original All-in-One Hi-Fi stereo

Hi-Fi sound meets high style.

Once you’ve seen and heard it, it’s easy to understand why it’s won so many awards.


The Classic/ M blends superior Hi-Fi sound with fine Swiss engineering, making it the perfect speaker system for any passionate music lover. To mark its 10-year anniversary, we’ve redesigned the inside to make the listening experience even better: enjoy pristine audio quality that competes with much bigger systems, as well as cutting-edge Bluetooth®, DAB+, FM, and alarm clock functions.

A true stereo Hi-Fi system.

Despite its sleek and compact form, the Classic/ M is a fully fledged stereo Hi-Fi system that immerses you in any type of music.

Two tweeter woofer pairs deliver a rich and detailed stereo field. Four powerful amplifiers allow you to crank up the volume without compromising on sound quality – ideal for large rooms and parties.

Created by the same people who invented the very first all-in-one Hi-Fi stereo, the Classic/ M builds on decades of innovation to give you the best listening at home, period. But don’t just take our word for it.

Design that will stand the test of time.

Simple, but bold. The Classic/ M brings sharp lines, smooth curves and alluring textures together to make a clear statement: this is made for those who care about details. Real walnut wood, piano lacquer, and fine metal finishes hint at the cutting-edge tech that’s inside. It’s all precision engineered, like a Swiss watch.

On top are laser-engraved touch buttons that give you a direct connection to your music. With such a minimalist design, the Classic/ M sits pretty anywhere – the desk, bookshelf and beyond.

Works the way you do.

Although complex in the way it performs, we’ve kept the Classic/ M simple to use. Quickly tune into DAB+ and FM radio with six presets, connect and stream with Bluetooth®, or set an alarm for the morning.


One-touch control makes the Classic M as easy to use as your smartphone. When the old-school mood strikes, you can even hook up your vinyl player with the jack input. So kick back on the couch, relax and listen – you needn’t get up to change tracks either, just use the remote control.



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